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5 Reasons You Should Use a Glass Pipe for Smoking

5 Reasons You Should Use a Glass Pipe for Smoking

Did you know that the global market of glass pipes across the world is worth over $1.6 billion? That’s how popular this smoking instrument is to cannabis enthusiasts. If you have never tried using a glass pipe before, here are the top 5 reasons you should start using one.

Take it from the experts. There are many advantages to using glass pipes while consuming your cannabis. Even though innovations in the cannabis world have already sprouted in the market over the years, glass pipes remain a classic, efficient, and reliable instrument for beginners, seasoned smokers, and everyone in between.

What Exactly is a Glass Pipe?

It is a smoking apparatus that is obviously made from glass and contain four primary parts including the bowl, carburetor, neck, and mouthpiece. It is straightforward and simple to use. You just put the material you are going to smoke on the bowl, ignite it, and inhale the smoke through the mouthpiece.

You can find different glass pipes in the market today which include water pipes, bubblers, chillums, spoon glass pipes, steamrollers, and more. They all vary in terms of price, style, design, and functionality. 

A pipe determines your smoking experience and connoisseurs prefer glass over other materials. 

Reasons to Start Using a Glass Pipe

  1. It is healthier.

One of the best selling points of glass pipes is their ability to clean and filter the smoke before it gets to you and your lungs. Water glass pipes do this and they help eliminate a large number of carcinogens and many residues that can be present in the smoke. 

Compared to hitting a joint from a bowl, bongs provide a smoother experience. Thanks to water or ice cubes if you are feeling a little jazzy. 

For starters, glass pipes are ideal. Even seasoned smokers prefer this because the glass is sanitary, easy to clean, and you won’t be burning and inhaling anything but cannabis. It would also mean that you will get less irritation on your sinuses or throat compared to other pipe materials.

  1. No harsh hit.

One of the things enthusiasts love about water glass pipes is that they have the ability to cool down the smoke before it reaches the mouthpiece. Fill up the bong with enough water, not too much that it will splash while you smoke, or not too scarce that it will give you a harsher hit.

  1. It provides the purest of tastes.

Glass pipes are the most popular choice because they provide not just the cleanest, but the purest taste. Glass doesn’t affect the flavor and potency of your weed. Wood or metal pipes often taint the bud’s flavor which can give you hints of chemical or metallic taste.

  1. It is highly durable. 

The ingenious smoking apparatus is made from borosilicate glass with a very low coefficient for thermal expansion which means it is remarkably durable and will not crack under extreme temperature changes.

Because of its heating and molding process, it becomes even more sturdy. If you want a glass pipe that is made to last in terms of form and functionality, get yourself this Classic Beaker Bong. It is simple and efficient and with its completely transparent design, you can get a nice view of the action. 

  1. It is stylish.

Bongs and spoon glass pipes come in different styles but one thing is for certain, they are extremely stylish and look great on a display shelf when not in use. If you ever want to feel like Sherlock Holmes, look for old school glass pipe with a long neck. This Super Long Bubbler Beaker is sure to become your favorite.

You can find all sorts of fun designs that will match your personality here

  1. It is super easy to clean and maintain.

Smoking your bud out of a dirty bowl is one of the best ways to ruin your smoking experience. It will be harsher and the taste will also be compromised. With glass pipes, cleaning the apparatus and spotting dirt is way too easy.

You just need salt, isopropyl alcohol, and a ziplock bag. First, put your pipe in the plastic back and fill it with isopropyl alcohol. Add two teaspoons of salt and seal the bag. This is easy for glass hand pipes. For bongs and water pipes, take out removable pieces and place the alcohol straight into the apparatus where it stores water. Then, add some rock salt to it as an abrasive. Shake the bong for several minutes and rinse with water and soap. Wipe it dry with tissue paper or a clean microfibre cloth. This is the best way to sanitize your glass pipe for your next use.

In a nutshell, glass pipes do not just provide you with a stylish tool for smoking, but are also healthier, more convenient to use, and offer a better experience.

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