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A Buyer’s Guide to Hand Pipes

A Buyer’s Guide to Hand Pipes

Whether you have already tried pipe smoking at some point or would love to try it, the first thing you are going to need is a great quality pipe. There are myriads of selections in the market today from cheap ones, and expensive ones, to creatively unique pipes.

The question is, how will you narrow down your options? It is only logical that you explore first the different types of hand pipes.

Different Types of Hand Pipes

Spoon Pipe

One of the most common hand pipes you will surely bump into when you look around in the market is a spoon pipe. Just like its name, it is shaped like a spoon. Simple, inexpensive, and easy to use, this hand pipe has a bowl at the other end of the apparatus with a rounded shape. It contains a hole that allows the smoke to travel to the mouthpiece.

Sherlock Pipe

You are probably familiar with the name and yes, it is derived from the infamous fictional detective. It has a U shape and is a traditional-style pipe. Its arched design allows the smoke to cool a bit before you inhale it. 

Bubbler Pipe

Bubble pipes hold a small amount of water. They come in different designs too and can be aesthetically minimalist or creatively quirky. The features of this bubbler pipe can be compared to that of a spoon pipe and a mini bong. It has a small water chamber which offers you the same benefits as it cools down before the smoke gets to you.

Chillum Pipe

Also known as a one-hitter pipe, this hand apparatus features a slender body with a screened narrow bowl used only for one inhalation as its name implies. It is a low-profile pipe and does not produce that much smell. It is perfect for people who are always on the go and traveling.

How to Select a Hand Pipe

Selecting a hand pipe can be quite a feat if you don’t know what you are looking at or have no idea what each type can offer. Now that you have learned about the different types of hand pipes, it is safe to say that at least you get the gist.

To further help you with your selection, here are some surefire tips.

Of course, first on your list is aesthetics. Is it fun enough to use? Does the design speak about your personality? Is this your style? The look and feel of the hand pipe are as important as the quality of weed you are going to put in there. The goal is to enjoy your hand pipe, right? So, it is only essential that you pick the design that pleases you the most. 

Buy the pipe that you personally like. Easy, right? But you have to consider aesthetics if you have already considered which type of hand pipe you prefer. 

Just like the look and feel, it is very crucial that the hand pipe is constructed in such a manner that will bring you pleasure from smoking your weed from it. Check the pipe and do a physical inspection. A design flaw can affect its performance. You may not be able to keep it lit or you may find it so impossible to clean or both.

You need to inspect the shape, its alignment, the fills or the holes, metal filters, varnish, and even the materials used. 

Poorly aligned parts can cause disruption in the smoke stream and this is never fun at all. Some designs are meant to trap moisture so be very cautious about that if you don’t prefer wet smoke. Even some metal filters can cause a loud noise when smoking. Pick only high-quality hand pipes to make sure that you get the best experience.

The pipe must offer a fine grip and must be easy to carry wherever you wind up. If you prefer a cigar-shaped glass pipe, this DSH hand pipe is the perfect option. It is convenient to use and can take your dabs to a whole new level.

If you prefer a hand pipe that is unique and something you can display after use, this Multi-Color Silicone Hand Pipe is sure to become your personal favorite.
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