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Beaker Bongs vs. Bubblers: Similarities, Differences & Which is Best? | DSH HUB

Beaker Bongs vs. Bubblers: Similarities, Differences & Which is Best?

One of the most often asked questions is, "What is the difference between beaker bongs and bubblers?" Veteran herb smokers are probably familiar with beaker bongs and bubblers, but these pieces tend to be one-and-the-same; it is easy to tell why someone would get into that swirl. 

While there are several similarities between a beaker bong and a thick glass bubbler, stark differences exist in an equal measure. 

This piece is for you for expert herb smokers who desire to restock their coffee table with the best bongs or bubblers; or novice smokers who wish to learn the basics. Read on.

What is a Beaker Bong?

A beaker bong can be described as a water pipe for smoking cannabis. Its role is to cool the smoke before it gets to the smoker's mouth. Beaker bongs offer smooth and less harsh herb hits.

Modern beaker bongs have a tube from the tip to base. The base bong's base holds water, and it features a strategically positioned hole for the accommodation of the downstem.

The bong's bowl is responsible for bubbling smoke to the base through water before the smoke gets up through the neck and the mouthpiece.

Through the bong's mouthpiece, one can draw smoke hits into their lungs for a complete smoking experience. It could help if you noted that your bong's mouthpiece should go over your lips rather than into your mouth.

Best Beaker Bongs For Sale

Our DSH Hub online vape store has the best bongs to give you potent smoke hits. Below are some of the masterpiece bongs that you should buy.

Scientist Beaker Bong

The Sicko Scientist Beaker Bong is one of the most loved beaker bongs that features our premium vape store supplies.

Scientist Beaker Bong

Scientist Beaker Bong

The exclusive Sicko product bong has a beautiful and unique design crafted from durable and high-quality glass. To enhance your smoking experience, this smoker's bong choice offers a comfortable grip to hold.

Quadruple Deck Jellyfish Beaker Bong

With its extra smoke filtration feature, the Quadruple Jellyfish bong can bring all your friends out to the yard.

Quadruple Deck JellyFish Bong

Quadruple Deck Jellyfish Bong

Not a single jelly percolator deck, but four percolators are all built-in in this masterpiece bong. 

The quadruple filtration process begins at the downstem, then to the bottom chamber. After which, your smoke will hit the stacked jellyfish percs. 

Cool your massive cloud rips with this bong's ice catcher that sits at the top of the mouthpiece for potent rip deliveries. Exclusively on dsh.com, you can store your bong without worrying about leakages and breakages since it has a flat, sturdy base. 

Sunset Long Bong

As temperatures continue to drop with the setting sun, you shouldn't doubt the fact that some potent smoke hits from the long-necked sunset bong can brighten your mood.

Sunset Long Beaker Bong

Sunset Long Beaker Bong

The sunset Long beaker bong will spice your evenings with a sunset spirit by the inspiration of carefree summer nights. 

The 7mm yellow piece of art is complemented by frosted patterns around its base, offering a perfect ornate floral look. 

Sunset bong's chamber is a bit flared. It has a diffused downstem that offers thorough smoke filtration. To give you the best experience, everything is coupled with a low-set downstem to provide enough space for bigger hits.

You will find different colors and designs for beaker bongs from our extensive online vape store. Choose your best beaker bong that no one in the room will ignore!

What Is a Bubbler?

A herb bubbler is an advanced smoking device innovation, combining the benefits of a regular spoon pipe and full-sized bongs.

Unlike beaker bongs, bubblers are hand-held. Hence, they are relatively smaller, portable, and often hand-held. Bubblers use clean water to filter weed smoke for coll and smooth weed hits.

Unlike regular spoon pipes, which tend to be the same size as bubblers, bubblers filter smoke to eliminate contaminants and offer a cooling effect that helps avoid burns.

Best Bubblers for Sale

DSH Hub Bubblers - the cheapest online smoke shop. Below are the best bubblers from the vaping world we have for you. Find one that you fall in love with.

Silicone Bubbler

Silicone bubblers are packed with a bowl and filtration chamber that carries water.

Silicone Bubbler

Silicone Bubbler

The beautiful silicone bubblers are made from high-quality silicone material that is easy to clean and durable. 

After drawing rips from the DSH Hub silicone bubbler, it gets filtered through the water to offer clean and smooth hits for your throat.

Skull Bubbler

Are you searching for a small smoking setup through which your clouds of smoke can diffuse? The skull bubbler in our online vape store is one of the great ways to filter your rips. 

Skull Bubbler Bong

Skull Bubbler

The skull bubbler offers more advanced features than the skull pipes in herb smoking. Available in different designs and colors, you will for sure find a bubbler that will help you quench your smoke cravings.

Didn't you see your best bubblers? Shop around our bubbler store to see which art piece will catch your interest.

Beaker Bong Vs Bubbler

Apart from vaporizers, e-rigs, hand pipes, cartridges, and blunts, there are other ways to smoke weed.

Smoking remains to be the most popular way through which people ingest weed. Water pipes have turned out to be an alternative that offers cannabis lovers a different smoking experience altogether. 

Beaker bongs and glass bubblers feature several ways to enhance the smoking experience with smoke-cooling water. Yet, each device has its unique characteristics. 

So what should you consider?

The Design

Most bongs and bubblers in the market today are crafted from glass. However, other materials like quartz and titanium can be used. The glass gets designed to enhance durability and use under high temperatures in the manufacturing process.

Both bongs and bubblers are used for filtering smoke with the help of a water-filled chamber. For a better cooling effect, each of the two devices can have more than one water chamber, depending on the manufacturer or needs of the buyer.

The significant difference between bongs and bubblers lies between their unique design features and size.

Most beaker bongs are much bigger than bubblers. Hence, offering more space between the mouthpiece and the bowl. The bigger space can carry a lot of smoke for the smoker to draw more significant hits than bubblers. 

Beaker Bong Design

Bongs have a complex internal working. They have a chamber that joins to a neck tube. The biggest ever recorded bong is up to 24 feet long.

Bongs are best suited for indoor smoking and lengthy sessions with friends. It might not be easy to set a bong alone with its more extensive base.  

Most bong models feature detachable bowls that have a downstem. The detachable bowl can as well work as a percolator for advanced filtration. 

Our best vape online store has different designs and colors for bongs. Bongs come in many different colors and styles of bongs. However, a majority have a similar shape. Some bongs manifest a great work of art like the Squid Beaker bong.

Squid Beaker Bong

Squid Beaker Bong

Beaker bongs are easy to customize to suit any accessory you would like to add to them.

Bubbler Design

You can think of a bubbler being a smaller beaker bong. 

Bubblers are lightweight, portable, and intended for short smoking sessions. Bubblers carry less water in their stems than bongs.

A bubbler is often crafted by at least two pieces brought together. They feature a fixed downstem and a set bowl model. Unlike bongs, the bowl is not removable. Hence, a challenge while cleaning.

Our online vape store offers several bubbler designs. 

Bong Vs. Bubbler Smoking Experience

Another distinguishing factor between beaker bongs and bubblers is the smoking experience that they give users. Smoke from both can be cleaned with water in a water chamber, which makes it more pleasant to inhale. 

Passing the clouds of smoke through water makes it less harsh. As well, water can help filter out toxins in your herb.

In addition, the water chamber makes the draws more powerful. With advanced filtration, your smoke will have a better taste that is cough-free

A bong uses a lot more water and has a much bigger chamber. They often use percolators to get a more consistent hit. In addition, you can add ice to your bong to make smoke clouds colder. This lets you get a more potent high with bigger smoke hits. There are as well other 4 reasons why you should buy a beaker bong.

Also, bong bowls are usually bigger. Hence, it makes it easier for you to share your beaker bong with a group of friends. If you are a smoker who likes playing around with smoking devices, you can customize your bong by adding more downstems, bowls, or nails.

A bubbler will still help cool the smoke and give you very smooth hits, especially if the bubbler's neck is longer than its water-holding chamber. 

Bubblers are great for people who are new to smoking and don't have a lot of weed tolerance. 

Bong Vs. Bubbler Maintenance Cost

Choosing between a beaker bong and a bubbler will also need you to consider its cost of maintenance, cleaning technique, and whether advanced cleaning tools are required.

Bongs are usually more expensive than bubblers because they are more extensive and complicated.

With a bong, one can easily replace broken bowls or a faulty downstem than in bubblers.

Nonetheless, both bongs and bubblers offer great value and can last longer if proper maintenance is taken. It is vital to clean your bubbler or bong after every smoking session. For cleaner hits, water should be replaced regularly. You will tell if it is time to replace your bong's water if it turns color or has a bad smell.

It is usually easier to clean beaker bongs than clean bubblers. For thorough and advanced cleaning, disassemble your bong. It would be best to clean your bubbler regularly since they are more prone to getting dirty. In addition, bubblers have a smaller chamber, which lets more material build-up. Also, unlike bongs, you can't dismantle a bubbler.

To start, wash all the parts of your bong or bubbler with hot, clean water. Then, do it again with a pinch of salt and rubbing alcohol. These two reagents (salt and alcohol) should be shaken in the bubbler before Washing it out.  

For hard-to-reach parts, a q-tip or pipe cleaner may also be helpful.

Take-Aways: Bubblers or Bongs

Choosing between a bubbler and a beaker bong comes down to your personal needs, personal how you intend to use any of the two. Below are a few essential questions that may help you choose between a bubbler and a bong:

  • Are you comfortable with portable smoking gadgets or those in a fixed position?
  • Are you after a smoking gadget that is easier to clean and cheap to maintain?
  • Do you intend to smoke with friends, or will you use the device alone?
  • Does adding ice to your smoke make you have a better experience?
  • Would you like to customize your smoking experience?

To that end, we suggest that you buy a bubbler and a bong to taste how it feels to have any of them. That way, you will narrow it down to the one that meets your smoking needs.

Browse through the dshhub.com vape collection store of bubblers and beaker bongs to find a smoking device that aligns with your lifestyle.

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