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Bongs: What Are They and How Do They Work

Bongs: What Are They and How Do They Work

Bongs have been around for centuries and they are here to stay. Now that use of Cannabis is already legal in a lot of states and countries, more and more people are giving this wonder herb a try that offers relaxation, pain relief, and other benefits. 

Despite the growing demand for Cannabis as medical aid and for recreational purposes, there are still some people not quite sure what exactly a bong is. 

What are Bongs?

A bong is a single-piece smoking apparatus, also known as a water pipe, which serves as a filtration device used for smoking tobacco, Cannabis, and other herbs. Proponents of the device say that it provides a smoother hit because of its ability to filter out the toxins and unnecessary elements in smoke. It does provide a smoother experience because of the way the bong works.

The word ‘bong’ came from the Thai word “baung” which is a bamboo tube for smoking weed. It is a marijuana pipe that uses water to cool and filter the smoke before you inhale it. This process helps produce a clean-tasting, healthier smoking experience for the user. 

It is simple to use, but not as discreet as vape smoking. Some bongs are pretty simple in design while others are modified with gravity chambers, wide bases, or necks. Some designs are quirky, unique, and creative. They come in different shapes and sizes.

Usually seen in group activities and parties, this smoking apparatus is better shared with other people. It is also a lovely display at home when not in use.

Ingrained in the weed culture, bongs are also a form of individual expression. This inanimate object is now becoming a personality reference for the users within their smoke circle. The vast selection of designs allows for a customized experience and instantly makes a statement in the way users consume Cannabis. 

But, how does it actually work? Let us explore the science behind it.

How Does a Bong Work?

In general, a bong features a small bowl that holds the dried weed which you will ignite to get the smoke. This apparatus uses water as a cooling element. When you light up the herb, it combusts and the heat breaks down the chemical bonds of the weed to turn them into a gas (the smoke that you will inhale). 

The main purpose of the bong is to filter the smoke before it gets to your lungs. Without proper filtration, undesirable particles can get into your lungs which is never a good thing at all. Bong allows you to breathe the good stuff without losing its full potency, consistency, and quality.

When the smoke passes through the water, the tar and the ash are filtered out. The water serves as a net to trap these toxins. Plus, the water helps cool down the smoke before it reaches you at the end of the mouthpiece. 

Using clean water is very important. Make sure that there are no other chemical compounds in the mix such as chlorine. It can be dangerous once inhaled. This is also the reason you need to clean the bong all the time before and after use. 

Here are the parts of a bong.

Tube. The tube is the elongated part of the apparatus that connects to the other parts and to the mouthpiece. This is where the smoke resides before you inhale it. The smoke here has already been cooled and filtered by the water. 

Bowl. This is the place for your herb. It is where you will ignite the weed.

Downstem. This downstem is the small clear tube that connects the bowl to the tube. Other bong designs have special stems.

Base. This part contains the water used to cool and filter the smoke. The base varies from one design to another. Generally, they are shaped like beakers with a flared bottom that makes the bong stand up easily. 

Carburetor. Also known as carb or choke, the carburetor is the small hole in the glass pipe that you will cover once you inhale the first half of your puff. You will release the cover through the second half of your puff. This component is not necessarily included in other bong designs, but if you see one, you already have an idea of how to properly use it.
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