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Different Types of Glass Hand Pipes

Different Types of Glass Hand Pipes

Smoking marijuana has become more and more socially acceptable with increased legalization. This wonder plant provides many health benefits. It helps reduce anxiety, relieve pain and inflammation, control nausea and vomiting caused by cancer chemotherapy, kill cancer cells and slow down the growth of tumors, and relax the muscles, especially in people with multiple sclerosis.

Now that marijuana has been reevaluated on a legal and cultural level for medicinal purposes, it can already be used to aid a range of neurological, psychological, and physical conditions.

If weed or CBD is legal in your area and you wish to consume it, you can do so by smoking it. Of course, you need an apparatus to help you and we recommend the use of glass pipes. 

Glass hand pipes are the best tool to smoke marijuana. The glass heats up but there will be neither bad odors nor toxic fume emissions.

There are different glass pipes available in the market today and they come in all forms and sizes. Today, we are going to walk you through the different types of pipes you can use to smoke weed.

  • Spoon Pipes

  • If you start digging the market for glass pipes, one of the most common types you will see is the spoon pipe. It is handy, versatile, and easy to use. Just like its name, it is shaped like a spoon. Just like other glass pipes, this is essentially simple. The bowl end of the pipe is rounded and it contains a hole that allows the smoke to travel to the mouthpiece for the user to consume.

    Glass spoon pipes are usually inexpensive. If you are looking for something that will give you great value for your money, this is a decent starting point. This type of pipe has been around for so long already and there are literally thousands of different designs, shapes, sizes, and patterns that you can choose from. 

    One of the best options in the market today is this Blue Spoon Hand Pipe. It is creatively designed to stand out from the usual lot. 

  • Bubblers

  • Among the most-loved pipes are the so-called ‘bubblers’. They come in different designs from quirky to aesthetic. These bubblers are super dope in style and function. It features a combination of a spoon pipe and a mini bong. They contain a small water chamber which offers you the same benefits as a bong because it also cools and cleans the smoke before it gets to you.

    Some consumers keep bubblers for parties and gatherings as they are extremely stylish. If you are looking to show off, this Bumble Tree Long Bubbler Beaker is a must-have. When not in use, you can display this elegant piece anywhere in your home and instantly make a statement. 

    If you are feeling a little quirky and want something out of the ordinary, try this colorful Pineapple Water Bubbler.

  • Sherlock-Style

  • Sherlock-style hand pipes have a popular U shape. They are among the traditional style pipes with an arched design which allows the smoke to cool a bit before you inhale it. The name was inspired by Sherlock Holmes himself. You may have seen him use this as well. Another variation is the Gandalf pipe named for the extra long-stemmed pipe Gandalf the Grey used to enjoy the Shire’s weed.

  • One-Hitter Glass Pipe

  • The one-hitter features a slender pipe with a screened narrow bowl used only for single inhalation as the name implies. You can hit or smoke vapor from a small serving of heated weed.

    It is convenient to use on the go and is a perfect travel companion. Some people who want to discreetly consume marijuana often use this paraphernalia. It also helps you save stash and helps you control the dosage.

    One-hitter pipes are low-profile and do not produce that much smell.

  • Steamrollers

  • They are usually larger than one-hitter pipes. Steamrollers are unique dry hand pipes designed to immediately clear hits with not much effort. They feature a streamlined cylindrical design where the carb is positioned on the end of the pipe just like traditional glass hand pipes. 

    People who are used to heavy-hitting rips often use this type of pipe. Some steamrollers are long in size about 18 inches while some designs are pocket-ready in size.

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