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How to Deep Clean Your Filthy Bong or Pipe

How to Deep Clean Your Filthy Bong or Pipe

For any cannabis user, it is common knowledge to always make sure that all the paraphernalia are clean before and after using them. Your bongs and pipes are not an exception. When you smoke cannabis out of your glass water pipe, the resin from the cannabis will build up over time and this calls for deep cleaning.

The sticky residue is not something you want on your device. It will not only cause trouble for your health but will also affect your smoking experience. The bacteria can grow in excess water and a dirty bong is a health threat. 

The bong, if remains unclean over time, will render unusable if the buildup is too much. The taste of your cannabis will be greatly affected too.

Deep cleaning is all about your safety and experience.

As more and more states start to legalize the use of cannabis, it is wise to remain diligent in proper weed etiquette which includes cleaning.

How Often Should You Clean Your Bong or Pipe?

Perhaps, you already have this question in mind when you clicked this topic. Most experts say you have to clean your bong or pipe after just a few days of use or a week. You should also make sure to replace your bong water regularly because when you leave the same water for a day, molds and bacteria will start to grow. Ideally, water must be replaced after every session.

Inhaling mold or bacteria will never give you good results and will give you respiratory infections like pneumonia or worse, lung problems. Plus, dirty bong water with resin buildup will create an environment for biofilm to form which can host several dangerous bacteria that you definitely would not want inside your lungs.

Even if your glass bong or pipe looks clean to the naked eye, it is best to not trust a bong that was left unclean for a day after use. 

Clean glass and clean water will improve the quality of your smoking experience. You will taste the flavor or your cannabis profile more effectively and regularly cleaning your bong will also increase its lifespan.

How to Deep Clean Your Bong or Pipe

Whether you are new to the community or have been a bong user for a long time now, we want to give you a comprehensive guide on how to deep clean your filthy bong or pipe.

This easy method works every time.

  1. Bowl and stem removal. First, you have to remove the stem and the bowl. This is where you place your cannabis and you can just pop it out to make cleaning your bong less of a hassle. 

  1. Pour out used or old water. Old water can cause bacteria and mold to build up so it is best to always replace the water with a clean one before smoking. Since bong water is sticky and resinous, do not directly pour it down the drain. The best way is to pour it into a sealed trash bag or a sealed container and throw it away in a bin. If this is inconvenient for you, you can pour the water out outside but make sure not a single plant is around. The same bacteria and mold that can harm you will also cause harm to your plants.

  1. Large bag. Contain your bong in a large gallon-size bag. If a big zip lock bag is not handy, you may use a trash bag instead. Just be very careful though to prevent the resin from sticking to the sides of your sink. 

  1. Add alcohol and salt to the bong. Fill the inside of your bong with isopropyl alcohol. You may need about 16 ounces of it but would still depend on the size of your bong. It must be filled halfway. If you have a dedicated cleaning mixture, you can use that too. Then, add a healthy amount of salt to the mixture to help scrub the resin off.

  1. Close and shake. Close the zip lock bag and shake. It may get messy, but sealing the bag well will help especially if you are using a garbage bag.

  1. Let it sit for 30 minutes. Allowing it to soak for some time will help a lot. Remove the bong after 30 minutes and then dispose of the bag properly. 

7. Rinse. Rinse the bong with warm water and soap to remove the alcohol and salt before using the equipment. Soak the bowl and stem too in alcohol and rinse them too afterward.
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