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How to Pick the Perfect Vaporizer for You

How to Pick the Perfect Vaporizer for You

Sure, you can always roll a joint or take edibles, but there’s something about vaping that makes it a different smoking experience. Maybe, it’s because you can control the amount and temperature of weed you can take in one sitting. Using a vape pen, you can take one or two hits and then put the pen away. Plus, you don’t have to worry about filters or ashes. Every hit will be smooth; you won’t be overly stoned with too many extra unnecessary hits.   

But where should you start exactly? Each vape out there is suitable for a different type of stoner. So we’re here to help you pick the vaporizer perfect for your lifestyle and needs. 

Consider the heating method.

Vaporizers heat cannabis through these three methods: conduction, convection, or a hybrid of both. Let’s explore each mechanism to find out which best suits your needs.

  • Conduction 
  • In vaporizers that use conduction, the heating element is in direct contact with the weed. It can turn the herb brown in devices that are poorly designed. But if the vaporizer has ceramic heating elements, the herbs would heat up quickly without burning. That allows for hotter hits and larger clouds and often leads to a more intense sensation. Some conduction vapes let you control the temperature, so you can keep your precious herbs from burning. 

    Due to its method, conduction vaporizers are often available at relatively low price points. Just make sure to find nicer brands that allow temperature control to avoid toasty weed. 

  • Convection
  • As opposed to direct heating, convection vapes heat cannabis by forcing hot air around it. They warm up your weed indirectly and produce cooler vapor that doesn’t hit your lungs harshly. The herbs are heated evenly, too. You don’t need to shift the weed around between hits, and you no longer have to worry about inhaling burnt-up cannabis. The only drawback is you have to wait a bit longer for convection vapes to be ready for action. How about the price? They’re more expensive than conduction vaporizers, but they’re worth it! 

  • Hybrid
  • Can’t decide between conduction & convection cannabis vaporizers? Look for hybrid vapes that utilize both mechanisms for an ultra-smooth smoking experience. In this type of vape, the conduction method usually jumpstarts the heating process, while the convection heater helps maintain the temperature throughout your smoking session. That combined effort prevents burning and leads to quick activation & rich, smooth, and sustained vapor.

    Since conduction and convection work in tandem in hybrid vapes, these vaporizers come with a price tag higher than other types of vaporizers. Still, they’re worth the convenience! 

    Select between desktop & portable vaporizers.

    Some cannabis vapes can go anywhere with you, but they may not have enough space for a longer session. And if you prefer smoking at home, a desktop vaporizer might be a better fit. Here’s a quick comparison between desktop and portable vaporizers to help you decide:

  • Portable: Need a quick hit while you’re out? Do you like having a low-key session in your bedroom without stinking up the entire area? Portable vapes are perfect for you. Consider pen vapes, as they tend to be affordable and come in a convenient design. Handheld vapes are a good option, too. They’re bulkier than pens and offer more power and higher capacity. They’re perfect if you want to travel with vape devices, as they can easily support a full session once you arrive at your destination. 
    • Desktop: If you prefer smoking for hours in your domain, pick a desktop vape. It suits you perfectly as it has enough space & power (as long as it’s plugged in) for multiple sessions. Desktop vaporizers are often available in tube, balloon, or hybrid systems.

    Don’t forget about your preferred form of cannabis.

    Here’s one more thing to consider when shopping for vaporizers: dry herbs vs. concentrates. Vaping cannabis is usually associated with concentrates, but you can find vapes that are exclusively designed to heat ground-up buds or flowers. Plus, vapes with switchable parts exist! With such devices, you can vape dry herbs or oil, depending on your feels & stash. 

    Shop at DSH Hub today.

    Whether you’re looking for a portable conduction or desktop hybrid vaporizer, you’ll find one in our collection here at DSH Hub. We carry a wide range of vaporizers to suit every stoner. And they are available at reasonable price points; you can explore different vapes easily!

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