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How to Prepare, Smoke and Clean a Bong

How to Prepare, Smoke and Clean a Bong

Using a bong is a great way to get a satisfying high, letting you enjoy a smoother and cooler smoke. Bongs have been used for thousands of years and using one can ensure you inhale more smoke, deeper and faster without the hassle of rolling a joint. But do you know how to use your bong properly? Here, we’ll guide you on how to prepare, smoke and clean your bong to get the best use out of it.

How to prepare your bong

  •         The first step is to fill your bong with clean water. How much water you use depends on the size and type of bong you have. For example, if your bong has lots of percolators, their openings need to be submerged to fully benefit from the filtration system. Basically, if the downstem has indentations, the water level needs to cover them. If it doesn’t have indentations, the downstem has to be submerged by about an inch.
  •         The second step is to pack it. Break the bud up into smaller pieces using a grinder or your fingers. Judge the amount depending on whether you’re just smoking it yourself or enjoying it with others. You can then either place this in the bowl before putting the stem back into the bong or you can pack it without removing the stem. If the stem was taken out, put it back into the hole afterward. Which version you use to pack your bong depends on your preference so try both to discover the best one for you.

How to smoke your bong the right way

Does your bong have a carb hole? This affects how you use your bong so check for an opening on the side or back. If there is one, cover it with your thumb to make sure the smoke stays inside the bong until you’re ready to inhale it.

  1.       Light up the bud

Put the bong’s mouthpiece to your lips. Light the bowl using a lighting wick or a lighter but be sure to do it gradually rather than completely burning the bud.

  1.       Fill the chamber with smoke

Keeping your thumb on the carb hole, draw on the mouthpiece so that smoke fills the chamber. Do this slowly at first with small draws to prevent the bud from lighting up too quickly and instantly burning up.

  1.       Take a hit

When the chamber is full of smoke, take your thumb off the carb hole. If your bong doesn’t have a carb hole, take the stem out of its hole. Now inhale the smoke slowly. Don’t worry if there’s smoke left in the chamber after your first draw…just take another one afterward. If you’re sharing your bong with someone else, be sure to empty the chamber of smoke before passing it to them.

How to clean your bong

It’s essential to keep your bong clean. Not only does this enhance the flavor with cleaner and smoother smoke but it’s healthier for you too. After you’ve used your bong, you’re left with sticky resin and stale water that’s filtered all the rubbish from the smoke. You wouldn’t drink that water, so why would you smoke with it? If you don’t clean your bong after every use, bacteria and mold will quickly grow and spread after just 24 hours. Don’t worry, cleaning your bong is quick and easy:

  •         To start with, get rid of the water so that there’s no opportunity for bacteria to form.
  •         Use hot water to rinse your bong then wipe it down with a paper towel before leaving it to dry.

This is the daily cleaning you should do but every few days, you should be a bit more thorough and here are some tips to do this:

  •         The resin can build up so use alcohol wipes to clean it away.
  •         Before using your bong, dissolve salt into the water. The impurities will bond to the salt.
  •         Also use salt occasionally when rinsing your bong as it has abrasive properties.
  •         Replace the bowl filters every now and again.
  •         Squeeze a lemon into your bong, add warm water and gently shake your bong until you can see the stains coming off. Then rinse it out.
These easy cleaning tips not only prolong the life of your bong and keep it from looking unsightly but they help to ensure you can enjoy a healthier smoke and the best flavor.
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