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How to Successfully Switch from Smoking to Vaping CBD

How to Successfully Switch from Smoking to Vaping CBD

Quitting smoking is easier than done. If you keep putting it off for another day, you are likely not to do it. But if you try too hard, you’ll likely go back to lighting a stick in just a few weeks or days. So how do you strike a balance? It’s best to taper it off—try switching to vaping.


Vaping helps ease the transition for those who want to give up the nicotine but still want to enjoy the routine. Of course, there’s no guarantee that vaping will make you quit smoking for good, but many vapers will tell you it certainly helped them. That’s especially true if you choose to vape CBD instead of e-liquids that may contain nicotine. CBD is not an addictive substance, and it’s non-psychoactive as it doesn’t have THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol.


Want to give vaping a try? Here are some tips that can help you make a successful switch.

Be mentally prepared.

Traditionally, quitting smoking involves having a firm grip to curb cravings and desires. Slip up once, and you’re back to your old routine of lighting ten to 20 sticks a day. Fortunately, vaping makes this process a lot easier. Sure, you still need self-control, but it’ll be easier as you still have something to cling to—your vape pens or dry herb vaporizer. You don’t need to spend days feeling agitated & restless because you can’t smoke anything. 


Still, you have to prepare yourself mentally. Keep a mindset to use your vape whenever you feel like smoking. That way, you’re ready for the powerful cravings you’ll initially experience. 

Choose your CBD vape.

Some vape devices are easier to use than others. If you feel overwhelmed by too many options, start with the simple items and work your way up. Here are some of your options:

  • Disposable CBD vape pens: They are the easiest & most inexpensive entry into vaping CBD. They’re pre-filled with CBD vape juice and powered by a built-in coil & battery. You can probably have a hundred puffs before you need to dispose of them.
  • CBD oil cartridges: These are slim, cylindrical tanks pre-filled with 0.5ml to 1ml CBD vape juice. Next to disposable pens, they’re the second easiest way to vape CBD.
  • Refillable CBD vape pens: These are rechargeable pens that you can fill up with CBD vape juice. Refillable pens are more cost-effective and produce more flavor and vapor than disposables. But remember that they require maintenance, like keeping the tank clean and changing the internal coil.

    Keep your device prepped.

    Imagine hanging out with your friends, and they suddenly invite you for a smoke outside. It’s easy to bum a smoke if you don’t have your vape pen or other vaping products with you. So when transitioning to vaping, you should always keep your device prepped and ready for use. It will reduce your chances of giving in to daily temptations of going back to smoking.


    The easiest to bring are disposable vape pens. If you prefer the CBD oil cartridges, always have your 510 battery or another vape pen you can attach to your cartridge. Using the refillable pens? Ensure they’re filled with your favorite juice before going out.

    Learn to vape properly. 

    Vaping might be a little different than puffing on a cigarette. Try a softer and longer inhale than drawing hard and quick puffs. Each hit when vaping has to be enjoyed and savored. That’s especially true if you’ve already found your favorite e-juice and vaping device. Also, learn to prime your coil for optimal performance and avoid burnt hits. You can join a vaping community to learn more tips on how to enjoy your vape to the fullest.

    Go easy on the switch.

    Above all, go easy on the switch. Rushing to reach your goal of quitting smoking will only derail your plan and put you back to zero. Say you smoke ten sticks a day. Consider replacing one of your daily sticks with a vaping session. Then, replace another stick after a few days or weeks or once you feel comfortable.


    At first, vaping CBD may not give you the full effect you usually get with smoking. But within a few weeks or so, you’ll notice your body adjusting & accepting vaping as your nicotine fix. 

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