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Should You Use an Electric Dab Rig?

Should You Use an Electric Dab Rig?

Dab rigs used to be considered the province of just a few cannabis connoisseurs but with technological improvements and innovations over the years, the device is now available for everyone. 

Electric dab rigs have proven to be enormously valuable to anyone who enjoys smoking herbs or vape concentrates. Many enthusiasts use it to take their smoking experience to the next level and better enjoy vapor output. 

There are different kinds of dab rigs from high-tech to more advanced models. 

Using this innovative device, you can change your dabbing life in numerous ways. In this blog, we will discuss what an e-dab rig is, how to use it, its features and benefits, and if it is the right device for you.

What is an Electric Dab Rig?

Referred to as e-rigs, electric dab rigs are vaporizer devices that use a battery-powered heat source with a heating coil and glass percolator to smoke. 

It has already evolved over the years and changed the way we look at dabbing. Using a battery or plug-in power source, the e-rig heats up your material using electricity and allows for dabbing without any flames or other tools.

The device also features glass chambers and a mouthpiece for added filtration.

It is a more convenient smoking device for on-the-go dabbers.

How to Use It

Set up your dabbing space. Flat and even surface is of course the most ideal because you wouldn’t want your rig to tip over. Make sure your device is all set up and ready to go. It should contain the right amount of water according to your rig’s size and manufacturer’s directions. All of your hardware must be clean before you use the device.

Reasons to Switch to an Electric Dab Rig

If you have been acquainted with dabbing but still use the traditional method, you probably have an idea why electric dab rigs are better. As the device becomes more and more popular in the cannabis community, users start to see why it offers a greater dabbing experience.

No more guessing the temperature.

Traditional dabbing uses a nail and a torch which also involves heating the quartz to an uncontrollable temperature. With electric dab rigs, the heat is more controlled and it cuts out the guessing game. 

The ability to control the temperature effectively is one of the clear benefits of e-rigs. The temperature reading is more accurate and consistent.

It is far safer than the traditional method.

Electric dab rigs have an enhanced safety system that will make you enjoy smoking better. The risk of overheating or the risk of fire with a butane dab rig is something you have to consider here. Remember that the flame will likely trigger an explosion or ignite fumes that can cause serious harm to you and those around you.

Using an electric dab rig reduces that kind of risk. Most e-rigs today are also equipped with extra safety features such as automatic shut-offs and thermal sensors. Switching to e-rig is the best move you can make if you want a more secure dabbing experience.

Suitable for beginners

Both beginners and experienced dabbers can greatly benefit from electric dab rigs, but with the advanced mechanism of these devices to control the temperature, it is ideal for beginners. Despite the need for beginner users to understand the basic functions and procedures of the equipment and accessories, it is still the best way to consume concentrates.

Allows for discreet dabbing

For enthusiasts with an on-the-go lifestyle, butane-powered dab rigs and traditional methods of dabbing can be very challenging. This is why e-rigs are made to ensure that you can still enjoy dabbing wherever you go. It is also more discreet as opposed to the other aforementioned practices. 

It produces high-quality vapor

In case you don’t know yet, electric dab rigs produce higher-quality vapor as opposed to traditional methods and regular vaporizers. This device is dedicated to cannabis concentrates while vaporizers are often used for juice or liquids.

The topmost benefit of an e-rig is its ability to give you a hit that has all the potency and flavor of your concentrate. Backed with regular cleaning, you will have a quality smoking experience every single time.

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