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The Different Kinds Of Rolling Papers Explained

The Different Kinds Of Rolling Papers Explained

The Different Kinds Of Rolling Papers Explained

Your smoking experience primarily depends on two things – the rolling paper and the herbs. With the right kind of rolling paper, the taste of the herbs becomes more enhanced. There are various kinds of rolling paper out there – some are easy to roll, while some are difficult to deal with. Some have a rough texture, while some are silky smooth. Some burn in the blink of an eye, and some burn with patience. 

Keeping in mind all these characteristics, we are going to talk about the different types of rolling papers, and hopefully, help you find out what works for you. 

Hemp Rolling Paper

Hemp rolling paper, without a doubt, is the champion of all rolling papers. Thanks to its thickness and uneven texture, it's easy to roll, and offers an easy grip. Moreover, since it's made of natural hemp fiber, it's organic, and not harmful to your health. This paper has a medium burn rate. It's generally available in an unbleached brown variant. One particular feature of hemp paper is that it leaves a subtle taste after smoking. But worry not, it doesn't alter the original taste or flavor of the herbs you're smoking. 

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Rice Rolling Paper 

Choosing a rolling paper depends a lot on your personal preference. If you like thin and natural papers, then rice paper would be a good option. As you can understand from the name, it's made by processing rice. It's thin for sure, but you'll experience a slow, stable burn. However, there are some disadvantages of using this paper. Because of its smooth texture, it becomes difficult to roll joints, unless you're a pro at this. This natural paper is also vulnerable to adverse weather – the joint will get ruined in seconds if exposed to rain. Overall, it's a good rolling paper but may not be feasible for beginners. The best quality is that it's made of natural ingredients, so it's not harmful to your health.

Wood Pulp Rolling Paper 

This kind of rolling paper has been in existence for a long time. Made with wood pulp and other fibers, it has a distinct texture of its own. In case you prefer thick papers for rolling joints, this one would be a good choice. It's available in multiple thickness options, so feel free to go with what you like. You can get them in either bleached (white) or unbleached (brown) variants. The burn rate is moderate, but you get a lot of stability from this paper. You can go for wood pulp paper if you're a beginner and you find it difficult to roll joints. 

Flax Rolling Paper 

Don't like to have an aftertaste of your rolling paper? You should try flax paper. It's made of flax fiber, with the paper having a buttery smooth finish. While grip can be a little tricky, rolling a joint is pretty seamless with this paper. And with a little practice, you'll master a good grip too. Its slow-burning nature allows you to relish the flavor of your smoking herb for a longer duration. 

White vs Brown Rolling Paper: What's Better? 

To go by the color, you'll find two types of rolling papers in the market – white and brown. The white paper is processed with bleach, so it comes with a lot of chemicals. On the other hand, brown rolling papers are free from any form of chemical treatment, so they are natural and not harmful. Always try to go for unrefined, organic rolling papers for the best experience. 

What Are Pre-Rolled Joints? 

In case of a regular rolling paper, you have to manually put the herb inside it, and roll it, before you start smoking. But if you're a beginner, or in general you don't like the hassle of rolling joints by yourself, you can purchase pre-rolled joints. They come in a rolled form, so all you have to do is put the herbs inside. No rolling skill required whatsoever. They are quite easy to smoke on the go, but make sure you're purchasing from a trusted manufacturer, like DSH Hub. 

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DSH Hub: Your One-Stop Smoking Solution

At DSH Hub, you'll find everything you need to enhance your smoking experience. Be it rolling papers, bongs, pipes, rigs, grinders, or any other smoking accessories, we have a wide range to offer. Our products are of the highest quality, yet you'll get them at affordable prices. So hurry up, and take a look at our collection

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