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Tips On How To Best Store Your Cannabis

Tips On How To Best Store Your Cannabis

Whether you are using Cannabis for medical reasons or recreational purposes, it is highly essential that you know how to properly store your weed so it will last for a long period of time and won’t go to waste. Failing to store your weed properly can largely affect its potency and flavor. 

So, why does it matter how Cannabis is stored? In this blog, we are going to explore the importance of proper storage and how to ensure that your weed stays fresh for the long term.

Things to Consider For Proper Cannabis Storage

As abovementioned, potency and flavor can be greatly affected by improper storage. It is a big deal breaker because if both of these criteria are gone, your Cannabis will be good for nothing. Not to mention the right way to store it such as making sure that kids or pets won’t have access to them.

Temperature. Do not expose your weed in places with high temperatures. It can immediately cause your herb to dry out and the terpenes to evaporate. Not nearby any heater, water system, windows with direct sunlight exposure, or even outside. You also would want to avoid freezing temperatures because the delicate trichomes may burst which can lead to potency loss. 

Just like how UV light can fade a colored shirt over time or give you a sunburn, too much heat exposure can break the cannabinoids down too. If you want to ensure that all is well, keep them in a dark, safe place like a cabinet, a box, a matte black glass jar, or a drawer. 

If there are kids living with you inside the house, you would want to invest a little in a small safe so you can lock it away and place it on top of the closet shelf. Always ensure the safety of the people around you as well. 

Moisture. Keep it away from moisture. You wouldn’t want to end up opening your stash and find moldy buds. Lack of moisture is also not a good idea. The key is to maintain the right level of humidity which is ideally between 59% to 63% RH. Never put them in the fridge. Do not keep them in places where fluctuation of temperature and humidity is present. These changes cause molds to appear and grow.

Sanitation. Always keep your container clean and free from any dirt, dust, grime, or other particles that could invite mold spores and bacteria. 

Containers. You might have the idea that any box will do for your weed storage, but there is also a lot to consider here. The rule of thumb is that glass jars work best for weeds. Avoid metal or plastic storage boxes. Plastic and metal can be used for only a very short period of time but they will start to affect the flavor for an extended time.

Glass is nonporous and airtight. Most users and growers prefer mason jars because they are not static, they have tight seals that protect the Cannabis from oxidization, and they do not affect the taste and aroma of the weed as opposed to what metal and plastic tend to.

Vacuum-sealing. If you are not quite satisfied with what mason glass jars can offer, you can try vacuum-sealing if you wish to restrain the fragrant smell of the Cannabis flower. If your goal is discretion, this storage tip is perfect for you. Use food packaging to keep them fresh and preserve their quality for more than several months.

Humidor. Do you have extra money to spend on your Cannabis storage? Invest in a humidor. It is specifically designed to control the humidity in the box for storing cigars, cigarettes, pipe tobacco, and dried marijuana. 

Food & Beverages Infused With Cannabis

In case you are wondering what to do with food and beverages with Cannabis infusion, if they came refrigerated or have other perishable ingredients, keep them in the fridge. For gummies and other edibles, they are safe in the storage bottles they came in, but make sure to keep them in a cool environment (not necessarily the fridge) in an airtight container. 


For Cannabis concentrates, keep them in an airtight-sealed glass container. Many users recommend storing them in the fridge sealed tight to preserve flavor, consistency, and potency. If the fridge is not a safe place to store your Cannabis, find a dark, cool environment.
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