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Top 10 Bongs & Pipes You Can Make At Home

Top 10 Bongs & Pipes You Can Make At Home

Bongs and pipes are magical smoking tools that help improve the smoking experience. However, there are a lot of circumstances and instances where a stoner has no access to these devices. This is where DIY comes in handy. 

Seasoned smokers usually have tools but they may not always be available. They might get broken, damaged, or no longer functional which calls for immediate creativity, especially when you can’t wait to smoke. There is nothing worse than wanting to enjoy a hit but realizing you don’t have anything to use.

Here are the top ten bongs and pipes you can make out of household items.

  1. Apple. 

Yes! You can absolutely make a pipe out of a juicy apple. You can use it as a bowl. Find a ripe apple and a pencil size object. Stab the apple through the top until the middle part only. This hole will serve as the bowl for your bud.

Take the same object and poke a hole in the side perpendicular to the first hole you created. Don’t do it all the way through either. The holes have to meet in the middle of the apple. The other end will serve as the mouthpiece. As you get them intertwined properly, clear up excess apple bits clogging the path. Make the third hole that will serve as the rush. Place your flower in the carved-out area and light it up. 

Now you get to enjoy a fruity taste at every hit!

  1. The Pringles Bong. Why not put some waste to use? If you have Pringles cans lying around, you can create your own bong. You can do the same process and you just need duct tape to make sure that smoke won’t come out elsewhere but only through the mouthpiece.

  1. The Foil Pipes.

You just need foil, a pen or pencil, scissors, or a toothpick for this project. Start by cutting a long piece of foil about 12x12 inches. Be careful with the material as you don’t want it wrinkled or folded before you start. Fold it vertically and horizontally to create layers you will be needing later on. Put the pen or pencil across one corner of your foil and start rolling.

The wider end of the foil will be the chamber and the base must be somewhere around an inch from the end of the foil. 

  1. The Lightbulb Vaporizer

A vaporizer is another great tool to consume weed. It can heat herbs without letting them make direct contact with the flame. Of course, you need to clean and sanitize well the bulb first before doing a makeshift vaporizer. 

  1. Toilet Roll Steamroller

For sure you have toilet rolls in the house. It is a simple yet very effective household item to use as a smoking tool. You are gonna need some toilet paper too and a little bit of foil as the bowl for your bud at the other end of the roll.

  1. Pen Pipe

Take the body of a pen to convert it into a one-hitter pipe. Leave just the tube and the metal pointed piece. Place the metal piece back in the pen but backward and fill that piece with your herbs. Light up and enjoy. Use the bottom of the pen as the mouthpiece.

  1. Starburst Pipe

Who doesn’t love fruity flavors? Unwrap a pack of Starbursts and stack them all horizontally and at the end, stack two pieces vertically which will serve as the bowl. Poke a hole in it. Push a skewer to keep them in place and create an air space. Shape your bowl to the desired size and enjoy a fruity-flavored smoking experience.

  1. Gravity Bong

Cannabis connoisseurs love gravity bongs and it is perfect for parties. You are just gonna need a large container, a small 2-liter bottle, aluminum foil, scissors, a needle, a lighter, and of course, your herbs.

  1. Tic-Tac Bong

Yes! Tic-Tac containers can be turned into cute, tiny bongs too. It is perfect on the go and is more discreet. You just need an empty Tic-Tac box, a downstem, a grommet such as a rubber washer or clay, pair of scissors, a make-shift small bowl, and your herbs. 

  1. Lego Bong

There are many Youtube tutorial videos on how to create a Lego bong and we must admit, it is pretty cool! Smoking out of a Lego bong is something you surely would love to try.

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