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Weed Grinders: Which One’s Best for You?

Weed Grinders: Which One’s Best for You?

You don’t want to roll a joint full of stems and seeds that might ruin the paper & flavor. So a reliable weed grinder is essential for getting the most out of your cannabis. But how do you know which herb grinder is best for you? With too many options available on the market today, it may be hard to find the best one. Luckily, we’ve come up with a quick guide here. 

Consider the size. 

Weed grinders come in various sizes, from portable or travel-sized to extra large. It’s best to consider your needs, lifestyle, and rolling preferences. Say you’re always on the go. Then, you need mini or portable herb grinders or any piece in a smaller range in terms of size.

If you’re a homebody and prefer to smoke alone or with a few friends in your place, you should go for a medium or large variety. Are you a heavy smoker who likes to prep large quantities of cannabis at one time? Go for extra large grinders; they can meet your needs. 

When shopping for weed grinders, note that the size listed on the model or product description generally refers to the grinder’s width or diameter, not the depth of its chamber. Don’t hesitate to ask for more information to ensure the grinder satisfies your requirements.

Be mindful of the material. 

Herb grinders are available in an array of materials. Let’s explore each material below.

  • Plastic or acrylic weed grinders

  • Want a grinder that won’t break your bank? Plastic or acrylic herb grinders fit the bill, but because of their material, they may break sooner than expected. Still, they’re particularly useful in certain situations. Say you’re attending a summer music festival. You would want to bring a grinder you won’t mind losing during the event, and a plastic variety is a perfect option. It’s portable and too affordable that you wouldn’t mind losing it in a day. 

  • Wooden herb grinders

  • Most wooden grinders have the standard design & mechanism, while some have rounded pegs or metal posts as teeth. They also usually have carved designs on the top, making them look rustic. But unlike electric or modern metal grinders, they are not durable and don’t have upgraded features that make grinding easy and less time-consuming. You might have to put some effort into twisting them to get your stash of finely ground cannabis.

  • Metal weed grinders

  • Modern metal grinders are the top-tier variety when it comes to durability. They are virtually indestructible! With proper care, metal weed grinders can last for years or even decades. They are machine-cut, so their teeth are quite sharp and ready to grind up your cannabis, no matter its condition. If you’re looking for quality and ease of use, pick metal herb grinders. 

    Should you buy electric weed grinders?

    Made from high-quality metals & other materials, electric herb grinders are incredible. They’re convenient to use as they take away the manual effort of twisting the grinder repeatedly. Also, these grinders are often compact and portable. You can bring them when you go outdoors and chill while camping or stay at your friend’s house on the weekend. 

    The only drawback to using electric grinders is they require power to use. They need batteries to work, and if you’ve run out of batteries, you might have to stick close to a power outlet to smash up your herbs. But as long as you bring enough batteries, you’ll be fine.

    How about multi-chamber herb grinders?

    Often made from metal, multi-chamber herb grinders are popular among smokers. They are available as two or three-piece, but the most common multi-chamber grinders are four-piece. All you need to do is put the weed in the top chamber. As the weed grinds, it falls through the holes to a second chamber with a fine-mesh screen. The screened or kief crystals then fall into the third or the fourth chamber, where they collect over time. In standard wooden or metal grinders, kief crystals often go unused. But with a multi-chamber grinder, you can let the kief crystals build for months or a year and pack them into a bong for an amazing smoke! 

    Shop here at DSH Hub

    At DSH Hub, we offer weed grinders in an array of sizes and designs. They are made of high-quality & durable materials, with some having cool designs to match your lifestyle. Check out our grinders collection and start shopping for one that best suits your needs.
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