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What is a Water Pipe & How Do You Use It?

What is a Water Pipe & How Do You Use It?

A water pipe is commonly known as a bong. The word ‘bong’ came from the Thai word “baung” which is a bamboo tube for smoking weed. It is a marijuana pipe that uses water to cool and filter the smoke before you inhale it and produces a specially clean-tasting, healthier smoking experience for the user. 

It is pretty straightforward. The smoke is pulled through a water chamber and while the smoke bubbles up through the liquid, it will cool down the smoke’s temperature and filter the tar and ash at the same time. 

This water filtration is efficient in keeping away the toxic substances in the smoke. 

Some bongs are just straight in design while others are modified with gravity chambers, wide bases, or necks. Water pipes come in different sizes and shapes. Most of them look like beakers and some have a quirky design too.

This smoking apparatus is also a great display in your home aside from its ability to provide a flair to your stoning experience. You can enjoy smooth and filtered dabs by yourself or with your friends.

How to Use It

Bongs or water pipes are a staple of the culture of cannabis. If this is your first time using a bong, then this step-by-step guide is for you. 

Prepare your water pipe

It is time for the main event, but before you do anything else, you have to prepare your bong and make sure it is ready to go. Place the bong on an even surface to avoid it being rocked or flipped over during the process. 

Make sure that there are no flammable objects nearby just to be extra cautious. Even better, place it near an open window.

Have the following ready:

  • Water 
  • Ice (if your bong has an ice catcher)
  • A pack of marijuana, dry herbs, or tobacco blend.
  • Cleaning solutions like baking soda or isopropyl alcohol

Next, fill the water chamber.

Remove the downstem to get access to the chamber and pour some clean water onto it. Use cold water if you want a more refreshing taste. Just put enough water in the chamber because the more water there is, the harder it is to pull the smoke when you inhale.

Add ice to the stem (optional).

If you prefer the cold water or add ice to the stem, you can do either. Just place the ice in the stem section if your bong has an ice catcher. Do it carefully to avoid breaking the glass. If your bong does not have an ice catcher, you can still add ice to the chamber. Ice can help provide a smoother experience.

Place the bowl into the water pipe.

Put the filled bowl in place. Do it carefully.

Make sure you are comfortable.

You should be able to grasp the apparatus firmly with your non-dominant hand. You can also hold it from the bottom but make sure you are comfortable. 

Put your mouth on the mouthpiece.

Seal any openings by putting your lips inside the mouthpiece. Do not wrap your lips outside the mouthpiece and always clean it afterward before passing it on to someone else for proper courtesy if you are using it with friends.

Light the herbs.

Before you ignite the herbs, we suggest that you take a couple of deep breaths to fill your lungs with oxygen. This will make smoking feel so much smoother.

Tilt the lighter horizontally and light it at the edge of the bowl. Don’t light it too close to the bowl so that your cannabis or herbs won’t burn too fast. It is better to use a hemp wick instead of a regular lighter to make your weed last longer.

Slowly inhale the smoke while holding the lighter.

Inhale gradually as you continue to ignite the herbs. The smoke will not come out in a snap after you light it up. You have to slowly inhale to fill the chamber with smoke. Do not overwhelm yourself though.

Keep inhaling.

Put away the flame when you notice the herbs start to glow and the bowl is already filled with smoke. Remove the hemp wick or the lighter when it happens, however, you should not move your mouth away from the mouthpiece or it will dissipate.

Get it in!

Inhale and let it linger in your lungs for a couple of seconds. Exhale, then repeat if there is smoke left.

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