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Honey Dew Electric Nectar Collector From DSH Hub

What Is An Electric Nectar Collector?

When you think about the cannabis market, you think of all the different instruments and ways you can actually consume CBD or other cannabis-based products, like edibles, rolled joints, bongs, or portable dab rigs like Electric Nectar Collectors. And as it popularity of CBD and cannabis use has risen, and has become more mainstream, new methods of consumption seem to be popping up all over the place.

The reality is, as cannabis and marijuana laws change, not only in the United States but worldwide as well, CBD and cannabis-based products have become more and more popular. That popularity doesn’t seem to be waning any time soon, either.

In fact, according to a research poll conducted by Pew Research, a majority of Americans believe cannabis use should be legalized.

That is a huge change in the tide of how our society thinks about using cannabis and cannabis-based products. And if you’re reading this article, there’s probably a good chance you have already discovered the wonderful benefits of cannabis and CBD, or you are at the start of your journey.

Methods Of Consumption

Knowing what type of CBD or cannabis product you are going to buy is only one part of the formula. That is just the start. To be able to really enjoy your product, you need to find the best method of consumption that works for you. Whatever that may be, you want it to be something that you are comfortable with, that you feel good about, and that will cross all the boxes off in your wishlist of preferences.

So what methods of consumption are most popular? There are the usual suspects, which are a given in any shop around the country. Depending on your style, preferences, or history, you may have used rolling papers, pre-rolls, vapes, or bongs. Or, maybe you prefer tinctures for their potency and long-lasting effects, or even edibles or gummies.

The list seems to never end! But what we want to talk about today is a type of dab rig called an Electric Nectar Collector.

Let’s talk about what exactly “nectar” is, what purpose electric nectar collectors serve, why it may be just right for you, and which one we personally recommend.

What Is Nectar?

What exactly is “nectar”? Usually, when you think of nectar, you are thinking of some sort of fruity substance or something that comes from a flower. Maybe it’s something that a bee would carry around or that you would get from a plant?

Well, in this case, it’s a little bit different. In terms of use with a nectar collector, nectar is defined as a cannabis concentrate that is meant to be vaporized and inhaled.

So while it isn’t exactly honey in the dietary sense, it’s still a sweet substance that you will get a lot of enjoyment from.

Now that we have that covered and defined, let’s cover exactly what an Electric Nectar Collector is.

What Is An Electric Nectar Collector?

An Electric Nectar Collector is a small electronic dab rig kit that functions as a straw-type device that is used to inhale cannabis concentrate (in this case, as we defined above, honey).

Think of it basically as an easy, straightforward, and portable way to vaporize cannabis concentrates on the go, and inhale them for fast-acting benefits.

How To Use An Electric Nectar Collector

Using an Electric Nectar Collector is actually pretty simple. It might sound like a very scientific and complicated tool, but it’s not.

As pointed out by our friends at Weedmaps, and paraphrased by us, here are the five steps to using a nectar collector:

  • Place a small amount of concentrate (honey) on your dish. Make sure it isn’t too much or isn’t too little. You may need to experiment here a bit, but you’ll get it down after a few tries.
  • Heat the tip of your collector to your preferred temperature. Again, this will take a little bit of experimenting, and using an electric collector will make things easier as you can adjust the voltage.
  • Let the tip cool down a bit. You don’t want to go in way too hot, because you’ll scorch your product, or burn it. If you go in too hot, you’ll ruin your product, but also make sure you don’t wait too long, either.
  • Touch the heated tip to your honey and inhale. This is definitely the easiest part, and probably the most fun out of all these steps as well! Just make sure you enjoy the moment.
  • Use caution with the heated tip. Just be careful. That’s the message here.

That’s pretty much it! Pretty simple right?

Although we have described this process in steps, you’ll learn that once you start experimenting, and getting much more comfortable with your Electric Nectar Collector, everything will become much easier and just feel second nature. The muscle memory will kick in, and you won’t have to think about it so much as a process, but rather as just an enjoyable experience that couldn’t be any simpler.

Why Would You Use An Electric Nectar Collector?

There could be any number of reasons you may want to use an Electric Nectar Collector when choosing your cannabis weapon of choice.

But to keep things simple, let’s keep it at three reasons, noted by Leafly:

  1. It’s simple
  2. It’s discreet
  3. It’s very easy to clean

Electric Nectar Collectors are quite simple. As described in the process above, once you get the process down, there’s really nothing to it. You don’t need a bunch of extra instruments, grinders, rolling paper, torches, or anything else. You just need your collector, and some concentrate, and you’re good to go.

Discreetness is valued when using cannabis, and although society’s views on CBD and marijuana use are changing, some may still want to make sure that they are not as blatant as possible. And that’s totally ok! Using an Electric Nectar Collector is a great way to make sure things stay low-key.

And because nectar collectors are so small, they can be easily cleaned. Just use a cotton swab and some alcohol, and that should do the job. You don’t have to mess with brushes, vacuums, brooms, or anything like that. Cleaning is simple and sweet here.

Where To Find An Electric Nectar Collector

You can find Electric Nectar Collectors of all shapes and sizes at pretty much any local or online vape shop. And with most shops carrying a wide variety of instruments, you’ll find what you need. But why go to one of those when you can go straight to the #1 online vape shop?

DSH Hub is happy to carry the very best Electric Nectar Collectors on the market. To check out our entire collection, or see the variety of nectar collectors we offer, visit our store and see what we have cooking. We have something for everyone, and we know you won’t be disappointed. You’ll for sure find something you’ll love.

We know how important it is to have good, quality products that are worth the money, and will last. You work hard for your money, and when you spend it with us, you can be sure you are getting a great product at an incredible price. At DSH Hub, we’ve got your back.

The VERY Best Electric Nectar Collector On The Market

As any good vape shop would, we always want to recommend the best, most advanced, and highest-quality products to our customers. That’s why we are happy to say that if you are in the market for the best Electric Nectar Collector on the market, we’ve got you covered!

The HoneyDew Electric Nectar Collector from DSH Hub is an incredible product that is sure to be one of the best purchases you will ever make! There are lots of choices you will have to make in your cannabis journey, but once you have tried this nectar collector, you may not ever have to change things up. It really is that good!

With a durable metal construction, charging cable, and cartridge battery, this thing is built to last. No more worrying about breaking glass, being careful when moving your bong, or anything like that. Just enjoy the full portability that electric nectar collectors have to offer. In addition to the durable construction, the HoneyDew Electric Nectar Collector is fully voltage adjustable, has a changeable quartz heating tip, is very easy to clean, and won’t clog!

It doesn’t really get much better than that, right? Trust us when we say, you will love this product, and we can’t wait for you to give it a try!

Get Your Electric Nectar Collector Now

After all we have discussed, we’re sure that you’re sure it’s time to take the leap and get the best Electric Nectar Collector on the market from DSH Hub. Go ahead, visit the site, shop around, and check out all of our other products as well. You really can’t go wrong with any piece from our collections.

As the #1 online vape shop for dab rigs, starter kits, vaporizers, bongs, and more, we’ve got something for everyone and can help with all of your vape needs.

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