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What Makes A Bubbler Pipe So Great? Check Out These 6 Must-Haves | DSH HUB

What Makes A Bubbler Pipe So Great? Check Out These 6 Must-Haves

Those familiar with the vape shop industry know customers preferred methods for cannabis intake. And as it turns out, just as one would expect, everyone has a preference!

Whether it’s a dab rig, a vaporizer, a bong, or a pipe, everyone has to make the right choice for themselves, based on how they want their experience to go.

Today, we specifically want to focus on bubbler pipes. A bubbler pipe is very similar to a bong, but both have their own specific set of benefits and drawbacks.

Let’s first discuss what a bubbler pipe is, what makes one great, and then go through six bubbler pipes from DSH Hub that we are sure you’ll enjoy!

What Is A Bubbler Pipe?

A bubbler pipe, like those we carry at DSH Hub, is a water pipe that you can hold in your hands, that has a bowl, neck, water chamber, and mouthpiece. A bubbler pipe is usually smaller than a bong but provides a very similar experience, including the filtration of the smoke through water.

To use a bubbler pipe, all you need to do is add water to the chamber of the pipe, pack the bowl, and light up!

What Makes A Bubbler Pipe Great?

As with any debated issue, there are always multiple points of view as to what makes a bubbler pipe great.

One thing that most people can agree on is that the bubbler should be made with the highest quality materials, whatever those might be. If it’s made of glass, it should be the best glass you can buy! If it’s made of silicone, it should be the best of the best!

Other determining factors include bowl size, neck size, the material of construction, and shape. Mostly though, it comes down to personal preference. Whatever works best for you is going to be the best choice!

Why Should You Choose DSH Hub?

DSH Hub is the #1 vape shop for dab rigs, starter kits, vaporizers, bongs, and bubbler pipes. We carry everything you could ever want or need for your vaping or smoking experience, including lighters, torches, pipes and bubblers, rolling trays, grinders, e-rigs, dry herb vaporizers, carb caps, scales, and more! 

But to get started, you’ve got to have a bubbler pipe, and you want to get the highest quality pipe you can. Everyone knows that a good bubbler can make or break your experience. 

Low-quality pipes made with low-quality materials will lead to a low-quality experience. And the same is true of the opposite! A high-quality pipe made of the best materials will help you to have the best possible experience.

Six Must-Have Bubbler Pipes

If this all sounds interesting, you’re in luck! Keep reading to explore six of our most popular and must-have bubbler pipes.

Bumble Tree Long Bubbler Beaker

If you’re looking for a bubbler pipe with a long neck, look no further! The Bumble Tree Long Bubbler Beaker is definitely going to be your go-to for a long time to come.

This long-neck bubbler beaker will help you have a premium experience with your cannabis product, at an incredible price. With an ornate design, long neck, and quality glass construction, you won’t find a better long-neck bubbler beaker pipe on the market.

If you want to get one, visit our shop today!

Silicone Bubbler

The Silicone Bubbler from DSH Hub is an incredibly affordable, yet popular bubbler pipe, that is one of our most sought-after designs.

Made with silicone material, this bubbler packs a strong punch in a small format. Visit our online store and get yours now.

Orange Vase Bong Water Bubbler

When you are working with the Orange Vase Bong Water Bubbler, you’re getting a beautiful bubbler pipe at an incredible price.

This vase bong bubbler is constructed of strong glass with a swirl design going around the neck. It also features a glass on the glass slider. And with a round bottom that adds a strong base, you get added stability and security. 

Check out the Orange Vase Bong Water Bubbler and see what the hype is all about!

Glass Bubbler Base Bong With Wrap Around

The Glass Bubbler Base Bong With Wrap Around stands apart from many other bubbler pipes because of its size and shape. This vase water bong features a wire wrap around the neck and comes in two different stylish colors.

If you’re looking for a unique and powerful bubbler, check this one out now.

Sunny Bubbler Beaker Bong

If you’re looking for a premium bong made out of the best materials, you’ll definitely want to check out the Sunny Bubbler Beaker Bong.

This premium bubbler beaker features a long neck, with sturdy construction. It’s very popular because it is made of high-end glass that is super durable. Its unique design definitely calls the attention of anyone looking for a comfortable, but top-quality bubbler pipe. Get yours exclusively from DSH.

Mozart Tall Bubbler Beaker Bong

Sometimes, you just want the best of the best, and you want to treat yourself. The Mozart Tall Bubbler Beaker Bong is just the thing for all those occasions.

This one-of-a-kind bubbler pipe is one of our most popular products and is a great choice for anyone looking for something on the premium end of things. This tall bubbler beaker bong is made of high-quality and durable glass material. You won’t find a stronger bubbler on the market that’ll last longer. The pipe and neck are easy to grip, and comfortable on the hands. And with a unique design that you will only find at DSH Hub, you’ll be sure to love this fantastic instrument.

Get Your Bubbler Pipe Today

Don’t delay; it’s time to get your new bubbler pipe now! Visit DSH Hub to check out our entire collection of bubbler pipes. If you’re interested in checking out any of our other products, including dab rigs, starter kits, vaporizers, or bongs, or just want to explore our online store, visit DSH Hub today.

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