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What Qualities to Consider in Cannabis Bags

What Qualities to Consider in Cannabis Bags

With the legalization of cannabis use across many states, the product continues to rise in popularity and even its packaging has some catching up to do. Now is the best time and a great opportunity to zero in on making your brand stand out from the crowd.

Marijuana is a huge industry and what better way to put your business name at the top than by offering a unique selling point? For consumers, on the other hand, you should also know how to separate the grain from the chaff when it comes to choosing your cannabis bag. Which is the best one?

Why Does Cannabis Packaging Matter?

Before getting into the nitty-gritty of this blog topic, let us understand first why cannabis packaging matters. Will it help you make extra bucks? Will it guarantee you more customers? Will it grow your brand? Will it bring you storage benefits as a user?

Yes to all three. Quality weed packaging gives you an edge in the market and ensures that your materials are not ruined. 

Here are the top qualities to consider in cannabis packaging.

  1. Consider the type of materials used.

There are many packaging formats and cannabis products can be found in any of them. They can be in a glass jar, carton, tin, plastic bag, or pouch. Each of these package types offers both advantages and disadvantages. 

One of the most popular and versatile packaging types is a plastic baggie. It is usually budget-friendly, durable, and can maintain the freshness of your nugs even if you bring them on your travel trips.

Glass is also an excellent option because it serves as a window to the actual flower product inside. Metal is also a popular choice. It is lightweight and allows for form-fitting packaging. You can visually present your product by pairing the tin can with a translucent lid to make it extra appealing to customers.

If you wish to use something eco-friendly, go with paper. You can have it customized and this packaging type also offers versatility for use and presentation.


  1. Check its compliance with industry standards.

Just like all products, they have to go through quality testing and these tests comply with a particular industry standard. The need for quality-compliant packaging is a major requirement. Some state regulations require cannabis producers and dispensaries to use child-resistant, opaque bags. 

Make sure that your bags follow industry standards based on your location.

  1. Consider the design.

You also have to consider the design because it truly does matter. Edibles cannot have food images in their packaging or even imitate other food products. 

As mentioned above, children can be very persistent about everything and it is best to find a bag that will keep them from opening your cannabis in case their resourcefulness kicks in. It should be tamper-proof and strong enough that any kid’s attempt to penetrate the packaging won’t work. It also has to be opaque so that they won’t be able to see the products inside. 

As for the closure, there are already quite a few innovative closures available. Some have press-to-close zippers with several locking tabs that have to be pulled apart to open the packaging. 

  1. It should keep your product fresh.

A baggie made of a thin polyester film laminated with aluminum foil will keep your product fresh. Make sure that you are providing your customers with a baggie that will protect their weed from light, oxygen, and moisture. If you are buying one for yourself, you have to consider these things.

The bag has to be impermeable against external elements to ensure that the cannabis stays fresh and won’t diminish your smoking experience the next time you have one.

  1. It has to be smell-proof.

Most cannabis products have a strong odor and storing them away without proper packaging can be very tricky. This is why you have to find a baggie that will not let any scent escape. Look for packaging that is completely smell-proof.

  1. It must be customizable.

This has got to be the next fun thing about consuming cannabis. You can have your baggies customized to your liking. You can avail of different design options and specialty finishes too. You can also request customization of dimensions and gussets.

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