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Zig Zag Unbleached 900 Cones 1-1/4 Size

by Zig Zag
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Zig Zag Unbleached 900 Cones 1-1/4 Size is specifically designed for those who wish to enjoy their sessions in short bursts instead of longer hits. With only 1-1/4” in size, these small cones provide neat and powerful hits while offering a smooth and slow burn.

Perfect for parties and sesh-time, these cones are suited for use individually rather than sharing with others. The premium-quality paper offers a slow burn but is intended to exhaust faster due to its size.

The unbleached cones pack contains up to 900 small and pre-rolled cones, enough to make your party rule.

Product Attributes

Material: paper

Approx. height or length (in): 4

Feature: Unbleached

Size: 1-1/4

Brand: Zig Zag


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