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Condle + Ashtray - Citrus Island

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Always take clean drags from your pipe with the Odor Buddy candle ashtray. Designed for a soothing experience, this ashtray is built upon a citrus island candle. This candle + ashtray also helps minimize the hand pipe or bong smell.

The candle creates a pleasant fragrance of grapefruit, lime, and lemon that is ideal for fruit scent lovers. It comes in a small glass bottle that lets the wax melt and then settles down with no unpleasantness.

This scented candle with ashtray measures 4” x 3” and can easily handle the ash from your pipes without creating a mess. It comes in a myriad of fragrances to suit your preference.

Product Attributes

Material: glass

Approx. width (in): 3

Approx. height or length (in): 4

Brand: Odor Buddy


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