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Cyber Strick Electric Nectar Collector + Cartirdge Battery

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The amazing combo of Cyber Strick Electric Nectar Collector + Cartridge Battery is a valuable addition to your smoking-up collection. From saving your lungs from the extra load of smoking up to adding a fun element to your dab session, this cyber strick by EP is going to amaze you with the features it has to offer.

The electric cyber strick by Honey Dew comes with a cartridge battery that is well-known to offer you uninterrupted smoking sessions. The glass body of the accessory is ten-on-ten feels and takes your dab session to an unimaginable level.

Made with high-end glass, the DSH electric strick is durable enough to last for multiple dab sessions.

Product Attributes

Material: metal

Approx. width (in): 3

Approx. height or length (in): 7

Brand: HoneyDew


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