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LUX Black

by Yocan
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$14.00 - $14.00
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Yocan is back at it again with the improved and user-friendly Lux Black threaded vape pen. This old-school accessory is manufactured from a durable metal body for rugged use and to withstand heat.

A product of quality engineering and innovative design, this vape pen has a dedicated button to bring on the heat for enjoying your dabs and seshes. Just pair this with any cartridge of your choice and enjoy your time.

Its 3-inch tall sleek and slim design is grippy and handy. Not to mention compact too for easy storage and portability. This unit is rechargeable with a USB and offers lasting performance.

Product Attributes

Material: metal

Approx. width (in): 0.5

Approx. height or length (in): 3

Feature: Rechargeable

Color: Black

Brand: Yocan


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