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FlUX Tar Cutter Refill

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The FlUX Tar Cutter Refill is an excellent accessory to prevent the tar from your concentrates and herbs from reaching all the way up to your pipe. This allows for smoother, tastier, and enjoyable rips without sacrificing the flavor or intensity of your herbs.

It cuts down excessive tar with its miniature carbon filter pellets that absorb the tar and prevents it from reaching up the inhalation pipe thanks to its activated charcoal composition.

It also purifies the smoke by filtering out impurities and leaves you with the cleanest smoking experience.

Packed in a convenient tube, these tar cutter pellets can be refilled in the required quantity.

Product Attributes

Material: carbone

Approx. height or length (in): 4

Approx. width (in): 0.5

Brand: FLUX


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