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Free shipping on All orders!

Raw Classic 20 Stage Rawket Launcher Pre-rolled Cones

by AFG
Original price $15.99 - Original price $15.99
Original price $15.99
$15.99 - $15.99
Current price $15.99

The Raw Classic 20 Stage Rawket Launcher is a set of pre-rolled cones in various sizes.

The cone bundle comes with 20 assorted pre-rolled cones in assorted sizes:
2x Supernatural (280mm/11 inches) (Tip 88mm)
2x Emperador (180mm /7 inches) (Tip 45mm)
2x Peacemaker (140mm/ 5.5 inches (Tip 35mm)
4x Kingsize (110mm/ 4.3 inches) (Tip 26mm)
2x 98 Special (98mm/ 3.9 inches) (Tip 21mm)
6x 1 1/4 size (84mm/ 3.3 inches) (Tip 26mm)
2x Lean (110mm/ 4.3 inches) (Tip 40mm)

Purchase as a single pack or a full set of 8 packs.

Raw unrefined papers contain a blend of unbleached fibers and are made with passion in the town where rolling papers were first invented (Alcoy Spain. Circa 1650).

Each paper is watermarked with a proprietary CrissCross imprint to help prevent runs and maintain the smoothest burn. These cones are wind-powered products; no GMOs, total chlorine free, vegan friendly.