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Free shipping on All orders!

Zig Zag Slow Burning 48 Pack 1-1/4 Size

by Zig Zag
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Smoking is all about the experience. If you are someone who loves a slow burn, these Zig Zag Slow Burning Rolling Papers are for you. They are 1-1/4” long and help create the perfect grip as you get lost in the moment.

These papers are pre-rolled, saving you the time and energy of rolling them yourself. In a pack of 48, you’ll be able to make memories without running out of smoke. Add this portable tool to your smoker’s collection and take it anywhere you want.

DSH Hub’s rolling papers are safe and attractive and give you smooth smokes every time.

At DSH HUB, we’re proud to carry this 48-pack box of Zig Zag rolling papers.

Product Attributes

Whether you’re a beginner searching for joint papers that are fast and simple to roll or you’ve been smoking for years and you love that Zig Zag rolling papers burn just right to provide an even smoke, this 48-pack ensures that you’re stocked up. Best of all, when you order from our online smoke shop, you’ll receive free shipping on orders over $100. Explore our full selection of cones, rolling trays, pipes, grinders, vape pens, and more, then stock up on this box of Zig Zag rolling papers and place your order today! 

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